Sitecore Digital Experience Platform

Sitecore provides your business with a sophisticated platform on which to build the next generation of your digital presence.

Sitecore is annually recognised by Gartner as the leader in enterprise web content management and digital experience platforms. Its reputation and adoption by household brands and globally traded companies have established it as a proven market leader.

The Sitecore ® Experience PlatformTM (XP) provides a suite of marketing, analytics and technology solutions that will help your business, marketing and technology teams to deliver an intelligent and personalised experience to your customers and partners in any languages, across all channels, globally.

For your business and marketing teams, Sitecore delivers a holistic view of customer data, underpinned with machine learning-generated insights that deliver highly effective personalised experiences across multiple channels. For technology teams, it provides a comprehensive set of functionality and features, architected upon a scalable and secure platform to build your digital strategy upon.

Arekibo is a Sitecore Partner and have recently helped the RCSI – Royal College of Surgeons, the globally recognised medical education and training College to develop the next generation of the digital presence upon the Sitecore ® Experience PlatformTM.

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